Spring Blossoms

I had always wanted to create an illustration in this particular style. I love character drawings and illustrations. I used many different types of brushes in Photoshop to create the textures. Many drawings like this are also very bright in colors, so I tried to bring that into my illustration.



I illustrated a scene out of the book "Warriors: Into The Wild." This story is about wild cats, called warriors, that live in clans in the forest. It follows a cat named Rusty, who has always been curious about the world beyond his owner’s backyard. He meets a warrior’s apprentice and is eventually invited to join their clan. He is faced with a decision to either stay with his people or to venture out into the unknown with the other cats. He ultimately decides to go with the clan of cats and heads into the forest to begin his new adventure.

“Rusty jumped down from his garden fence for the last time and crept into the woods. He had said his good-byes to Smudge. Now all his thoughts were focused on the forest and the cats who lived in it.

As he approached the spot where he had met with the Clan cats the night before, he sat down and tasted the air. Tall trees shielded the ground from the midday sunshine, making it comfortable cool. Here and there a patch of sunlight shone through a gap in the leaves and lit up the forest floor. Rusty could smell the same cat-scent as last night, but he had no idea whether it was new or old. He lifted his head and sniffed uncertainly.

‘You have a lot to learn,’ meowed a deep voice. ‘Even the tiniest Clan kit knows when another cat is nearby.’

Rusty saw a pair of green eyes glinting from beneath a bramble bush. Now he recognized the scent: it was Lionheart.”



In this project, I was heavily influenced by the symbolism of the phoenix, and how it could be used as a Christian symbol. A phoenix is a mythical creature that resembles a bird. They burst into flame when it is time for them to die and they are reborn from the ashes. The theme in this piece is being reborn again through Christ. We are able to be reborn because of the sacrifice Jesus made. Once we give our lives to Him, we live for God and live out our faith in Him; Glorifying God with whatever we do. We can be seen as the phoenix in this artwork. When we accept Jesus into our hearts, our past sin burst into flame and we are reborn again through Christ. We look upon the cross and look towards God in our lives.


SnoCaps Photorealism

This was a photorealism project that I created in Adobe Illustrator. We had to pick a certain type of candy, take a photo of it, and then do a vector illustration of it in the program. The main tools I used were the pen tool and gradient mesh tool. The objective was to make it as realistic, and to make it as close to the photo as possible.


Sweet Treats

This project was to create a food truck. The name of the business would be “Sweet Treats” and it would sell ice cream and candy. The target market of the food truck would be young children. I wanted to make the truck look fun and inviting. I also wanted to use a color scheme that could be playful. I got a lot of inspiration from vintage ice cream trucks. They had certain qualities such as rounded edges and vibrant colors.



I wanted this project to be an expressive, digital painting. I took a picture of my mom and used it as a reference photo. I used different techniques in Photoshop to make this painting expressive and to reflect her personality. I wanted to describe her personality through the color scheme, line work, and the composition.