I worked on print and digital assets that were to be used for a block party for UNC-TV. The block party was initially going to be held in Roanoke Rapids. I created an illustration that would be specific to Roanoke Rapids, and that illustration was placed on top of the Block Party Live logos. I worked on a general layout for the flyer, and re-sized as necessary for the other flyers.

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Digital Assets

I helped to create and re-size various digital ads. In addition to digital ads, I created images that would be posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the Web. I kept the information the same across all of the images, and then I just adjusted and re-sized the elements to fit the different platform size requirements.

    Digital Ad Sizes:
    • 160x600
    • 300x50
    • 300x250
    • 300x600
    • 320x50
    • 728x90